Mars Roof and Cougar Land

  After returning from RMNP I was sick of hiking, so I almost exclusively climbed at Mars Roof, an entire 100 ft hike from my truck.  Mars Roof is a limestone roof with 4 difficult climbs that feature pockets, toe cams, toe hooks, drop knees, etc.  There are also 4 lines that start on the right and finish each exit, heinous creations of Sammy D.  I managed to finish the Girl from Impanema on my birthday this year, followed by Suplexing Navajo and Lolita during the next week.  I made an ascent of the Triple Crown consisting of Lolita, Suplexing Navajos, and the Receptionist during my attempt to do the Quadruple Crown, which is sending all 4 climbs in a session. Development has continued at Willow Canyon aka Cougar Land in the New World.  Pat did the First Ascent of Hijacked Herd located in the Bobcat's Den.  Hijacked Herd climbs a short roof starting from a massive roof crack and moving out pockets to a juggy finish on the left side of the roof.  I added a climb named Remnants of the Herd, located right of Hijacked Herd.  Remants of the Herd climbs through pocket complexes to underclings and a feet first finish with toe hooks above the head.  Last weekend I did the low start project to Remnants, which is called Remants of the Acid.  This climb makes a massive move, then a few moves on pockets with the use of a bicycle, a big swing, and then finishes Remnants of the Herd.  The Elk Graveyard project is close to going down.  I've fallen on the end several times.  The Elk Graveyard Proj has amazing movement on pockets with insane drop knees, spinning, two finger pockets in the roof, and a feet first finish with toe hooks.

Suplexing Navajos, Mars Roof

Elk Graveyard Proj, Bobcat's Den