New Problems and Happenings in Nova Scotia

This problem was created by the last hurricane to hit Halifax. Overall, Dover Island escaped major damage from the storm. There were a couple of new problems created, and a couple lost...

Z-Haul and the entire Duck Head area of Nova Scotia was destroyed in the last storm. Huge walls and boulders were toppled and swallowed up by the ocean. The force created to do this is amazing. In all, about 12 quality problems were lost, including a multi-year project of mine...

The "Turtle" is my new project and main obession right now. It is so, so close to happening. I'm guessing it will be in the V13 range. Steep, high, and very powerful.

We had about 175 people out to the first Reel Rock Film Tour in Halifax. We offered the show free for anyone interested in seeing it. Very fun night.

We traveled up to New Brunswick to compete at UNB's annual Halloween competition. There was an individual format as well as a team format. The team format was new and involved university clubs competing against each other. Dal (my university) will be looking for revenge at the next team comp.