Joes Valley

Some times being spontaneous pays off, like my Joe's trip this November. I was planing on leaving on the 17th but after a session at the Spot in boulder, Ethan got me psyched and I decided to head out to Joe's five days early which really payed off when I was able to crush some of my projects quick.
The first day I kinda just walked around and looked at some of the new problems that Jame Emerson had on his website. Mask Of God really stood out to me as a climb I could not live without doing, so The next morning I got up early and went solo to the climb and rapped off and became equated with my new found love, later that day I went back with Ben, this guy who was camped next to me. After working the moves for a bit I was kinda done climbing when Ben pointed out some good beta which gave me a better sequence, after that I fell off the last move and crushed it next go. I also did Man from the Past first try, which is a variation that is also amazing and I highly recommend this boulder.
Later that day after I called my Dad and told him what went down I got psyched again and went to new Joe's for a late day session. Ghost king is an amazing climb right off the road and takes less then 30 seconds to get there, sending Ghost King second try I got psyched and crushed Ghost of War second try. I have to say it was a great day of climbing and after a rest day I got psyched again and took down the Black Lung on my first session in like 10 tries, Psyched. I also went and did They Call him Jordon the Dino way, which is way sick and after that we had lots of pads so we all tried Lumber Jack which is a kinda high ball V8; amazing.
Then Yesterday I wet back to the Power line Boulder and Did Wind Below which is suck a great climb kinda airy, but so so good. taking a rest day but my brother and the FOCO crew is coming down and will be here soon so we can start are movie.
Here is the video!

Black Lung from Ian Dory on Vimeo.