random times

Things are good in the Bay area!  My research projects on the cognitive and neural mechanisms of depression have been going quite well recently.  I’m particularly stoked about some recent findings, but considering that this is a blog about my climbing, I won’t go into any details… suffice to say that my psych for work and climbing usually go hand in hand, and, accordingly, my climbing has really been on the up and up lately too! I’ve finally been back out to Bishop, and the climbing part has gone awesome.  I’ve made great progress on my projects for the season, and I flashed a bunch of classic moderates such as Checkerboard, Saigon Direct, Flyboy Sit, etc.  Super psyched.  Only downfall so far with Bishop this season has been my friend Ryan getting his gall bladder in a twist (literally) and needing emergency surgery at the Bishop hospital on Thanksgiving.  Fortunately, surgery went really well though and he was up walking around the Buttermilks the next day (modern medicine is freakin’ amazing!  Seriously, you can have an organ taken out of your body one day and be up walking around in the mountains the next?)! Climbing in the bay area is also going well.  I put down a rarely repeated problem called Kraken at Mortar Rock.  It felt way too greasy when I tried it last summer, but the temps have finally cooled off enough for me to get ‘er done.  Hopefully, my friend Josh Newman and I will also get enough of these non-rainy, cold days to finish a couple beautiful, undone projects in the greater bay area soon.

Here’s some footage of me releasing the Kraken.