Q & A with David

1) Who has impressed you most in this last year? (climber or non climber) I’m impressed with how fellow Canadian Thomasina Pidgeon has been climbing.  She’s very dedicated at a level above most climbers.  I’m also impressed by the amazing trip Dai Koyamada had in Switzerland.

2) Describe a time when someone helped your climbing.

I have a really supportive group of friends that I boulder with in Ottawa.  Everyone knows how hard I work and how important it is to me.  I can think of two recent examples of support from my friends: Phil saved me from a fall of death on Loaded with Power, Hueco TX.  I peeled off the top and he tackled me back onto the pads before I flew over him and into the nasty cactus / rocks behind him. I would have been seriously messed up.  Jason also provided one of the best spots in recorded history.  On Alma Blanca, Hueco TX I needed a spot in case I popped but I also encountered a HUGE helicopter swing (two actually).  He totally dodged me, matrix style, avoiding a dab.  If I dabbed him on the swing I probably would have murdered him.  Check it out:

I work a full time job, and my employer definitely deserves some credit for allowing me to take as much vacation as I do.  Without that opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to get out and climb and I wouldn’t be here.

3) How do you deal with fans chasing you at all times?

I like it – because most of the time they’ve got a pad that they can throw down on my landing.  Plus, JM speaks French, which is a bonus.

4) Where do you see your climbing going?

I think that I’ll solidify at the current grades that I’m capable of, instead of stretching further and further up the scale.  I’d love to be technically super solid and look like all the Squamish regulars when the get on the rock (but with more power).