Chalk Crusher

When one thinks of chalk there isn't much to do to innovate. We did produce a better packaging for our 6oz Chunky Chalk that now has a Slider to ensure a more effective closure. But we have always been looking for a more efficient way to pack our chalk in the packaging.

With this in mind we wanted to a process that was more time efficient and less labour intensive. Accomplishing this task came with a bit of good fortune as our friend Jeremy, who climbs and coaches at the Calgary Climbing Centre, needed a 4th year Final Engineering Design project. He along with his group; Bryson, Elizabeth, Adrien, Austin, and Jodie set about the task of producing a chalk crusher for Flashed.

At the University of Calgary Final Engineering Design Fair they showcased their solution. Standing 9' high, the chalk is placed in a containment hopper on top that leads to the jaw crusher, which mechanically crushes the chalk to uniform sizes, those chunks go into another containment hopper. From there the chalk will be funneled into our 11oz or 6oz packaging where it will be weighed digitally.

All very impressive. But the little thing that made my day was that when you switch it on, the music from 2001: A Space Odyssey plays! Awesome! A little detail that lead to us naming it "The Monolith".

It was great to work the team to create a solution that is less time consuming and more efficient.