Pawtuckaway Video

Pawtuckaway is the nicest bouldering area in New England plus New York State in my opinion.  The window is short there though with the bugs, and there's no great accommodation options. Pallek shot a bunch of video with his Panasonic GH1.  He didn't, and perhaps doesn't have a computer fast enough to edit the footage so he gave it to me I remember.  I wasn't editing much at the time so I did nothing with it, plus some of the good footage was super underexposed.  None the less, I've put together a few of the clips of Jeff sending some of his big projects!  Ride the lightning is one of the top 10 boulder problems in the North East I'd say.

Please excuse the very poor quality of the footage.  It was so dark that I had to post process extremely to get the footage viewable.  At least you can see him now.

[vimeo video_id="22533660" width="580" height="326" title="Yes" byline="Yes" portrait="Yes" autoplay="No" loop="No" color="00adef"]