100 V10+ and Bishop Video

For a while now I’ve been really excited to achieve a small personal climbing goal – climbing one hundred boulder problems that are V10 or harder. I noticed in Hueco that I was relatively close. I haven’t been chasing V10 to achieve it but I’ve been excited every time I do another V10+. Before taking a week off I had a great climbing day with fellow Flashed athlete Max Moore in Las Vegas. He showed me a bunch of the new boulders he has been climbing and I repeated all of them and managed to get my 100th V10+. I can't wait to get my next 100.

I recently made a new video featuring only a small collection of the climbs that were done during our 3 weeks in Bishop California.

[vimeo video_id="39590499" width="580" height="326" title="Yes" byline="Yes" portrait="Yes" autoplay="No" loop="No" color="00adef"]

Here’s some spray about some of the climbs I did recently:

The Aquarium V12 – Amazing cool boulder problem. You start climbing up this soft V10 and then traverse a long ways out this roof. The Crux is a hard drop-down move. 17+ hand moves. Lately I’ve been psyched on these long power endurance routes. Such as…

Bubba Lobotomy V12 – This is a traverse into Toxic Avenger (one of the best problems ever). The traverse isn’t very long but it makes the crux dyno at the end of Toxic Avenger really hard. I fell like 25 times at the last move. The pockets rip up your skin so much. I had so much fun working this one.

Cholos – V9 (featured in the video below) – One of the hardest V9 I’ve done. It’s certainly V10 difficulty if you ask me. It has the smallest pocket I’ve ever pulled on – a half-pad first two finger open pocket. Ends with a crazy slow-motion dyno (see the video).

Mandance V11 (featured in the video below) – This one is super hard in my opinion. You don’t see a lot of people doing this one. Super painful first hold and then just hard moves. My feet cut and I swung around 5 times before being able to put them back on. Crazy.