A Day of Bouldering in Cody, Wyoming

Yesterday, Kevin and I had to drive over to Cody, Wyoming to meet with our tax professional (it's that time of year). To make the day completely worth our while, we of course set up a bouldering date with a bunch of friends, some (Mike, Meg and Clint) who call Cody home, plus a couple, Christine and David, who will be calling our house in Ten Sleep home for the next few months. I realized before we left that it'd been two years (!) since I last touched the fine sandstone that Cody has to offer -- two years too many, actually. Despite the colder turn of the weather (it had dropped about 20 degrees from the day before) and the classic nasty-Cody-cold wind, we enjoyed a fine day down at the wind-sheltered Carcass crags. Mike sent an eight-year V8 project of his, which was awesome to see, and despite my continued jet lag and lack of full energy/try-hard (I just got back from a two-month climbing trip to Spain), I sent a Cody classic that I've never had the guts to top out before called Learn to Swim (V4).