Bonar McCallum

Hi I’m Bonar, and I’ve been addicted to climbing since 1989.  One of my favorite things to do is to tell the kids I climb with “I first climbed that before you were born!”  and usually it is true.

I currently live in Canmore, one of the premier locations for sport climbing in North America, and I love it here.   Sport climbing is my favorite style of climbing, I especially love long involved pitches, and the Bow Valley has many of these to choose from.  I am also very fond of bouldering. 

I have been the coach of the Adult Competitive team at the Calgary Climbing Centre for the past 3 years.  I have a special interest in developing training programs that make strong healthy climbers, giving them the tools to climb for many years to come, maybe even till they are as old as me J   For the past six months I took a further step in my interest in this area,  I signed up for online coaching with Ido Portal, a world leader in human movement.  I was pushed like never before, training at least 6 days a week, twice per day, and was exposed to the world of movement, of which climbing is a only small part.  I now consider myself a mover, not just a climber, and I know I will continue this path for the rest of my life.  I’m keen to see how this effects my climbing ability and longevity, so far it looks promising.

I also love route development, I like nothing better than the process of scoping a new line,  cleaning and bolting, working the moves, redpointing it, and finally convincing others how good it is.  I have a few projects under way at any time, and always am on the lookout for the next great line. 

Last year was a great year for me, just after my 48th birthday, I redpointed my first 5.14, Bone Thief Extension.  Other highlights were achieving the FA of 2 13d’s, a 13a, and a 12c , all routes that I developed at The Lookout in Echo canyon.  

This  coming year will be exciting one. My wifeLea and I will be going on an extended road trip to climbing destinations across North America and we will keep you posted on our adventures.