David Heerema

I started climbing in 2003 I think. I began sport climbing believe it or not. I moved back to Thunder Bay for a while and seeing as the trad climbing is so amazing there I was doing that for a bit. In 2005 I switched to bouldering and now I rope up less than once a year. I love bouldering.

In 2011 I embarked on a 54 week vacation, spending half of the time in Europe and half of the time in the USA.  In that year I climbed in Albarracin, Mallorca, Fontainebleau, Mateora, and Magic Wood before stopping in the USA.  I then visited the American Southeast, Hueco Tanks, Bishop, Las Vegas, Joe's Valley and Moe's Valley.  This trip was a dream come true and it really allowed me to feel complete as a boulderer.


I've climbed all over New England and Canada from coast to coast but that wasn't enough so in 2013 I travelled across the Atlantic to climb in the Rocklands, South Africa for the summer.


Favourite Climbing Area:

Putting up first ascents in the British Virgin Islands was alright (exotic and beautiful) but the best climbing you can find is probably in Little Rock City outside Chattanooga.  I remember the feeling of climbing there on cold days was just so organic, natural, and fun.


Favourite Problem:

I have many favourite problems and most people are too afraid to name their favourite one.  The Amphitheatre in Rocklands or maybe Life O'Reilly even in Niagara Glen, Ontario.


Home Away From Home: 

Ottawa really doesn't have any boulders and the closest ones are about two and a half hours away.  We drive six hours one way for a weekend to get on some rock during the tiny season we do get.  This means that if you want to be serious you'll have to travel a lot.  It feels like returning to a second home when I visit some of the places I've been to so many times but the place that always seems the most like home is Las Vegas.


I really love encouraging others and supporting them while they’re climbing. When a friend gets their project I’m equally as happy as when I get mine - even more so sometimes. I like it when someone sticks a crux move for the first time. Most people don’t realize how much potential they have and tend to hide behind / below a grade. You need a lot of confidence for bouldering.

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