Dustin Curtis

Well, my name is Dustin Curtis and I’ve been in this lifestyle now for 11 years and I don’t see it stopping. Over that 11 years, I’ve managed to make my entire world revolve around the climbing way of life. I am the Head Route Setter/Head Instructor of True North Climbing Inc. in Toronto, Ontario and on top of that I coach youth climbers to love and enjoy climbing just as much as I do. I’m also a member of the Canadian National Team and have plans to compete in a lot of World Cups. If I’m not in the gym I’m outside working my projects or show friends around the local area, the Niagra Glen.

I’ve been really lucky over the years to have traveled outside of Ontario and get some rock climbing in. My top three places to go and boulder include: Joe’s Valley, Bishop and Halifax, Nova Scotia (seriously if you haven’t been to the East Coast of Canada to boulder, pack your bags, get a plane ticket and go.) Don’t forget your Flashed pad.

One of my guilty pleasures is that I really enjoy working comps. Not competing, I love that too but the other side, setting, planning, organizing and of course MCing. That’s right I love getting the crowd psyched for the next climber. I had the opportunity to MC Canadian Nationals this year and semis and finals of the first World Cup on Canadian soil, Canmore.

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