Elan Jonas McRae

I began climbing at age ten after attending a week long camp at the Romper Room climbing gym. My climbing took off quickly after that and I was quickly in the gym 6-7 days a week. Now I campus regularly as well, to get stronger and send projects. I love all aspects of climbing from competing to climbing hard sport routes outside. I am very fortunate for the support I have received from the Boulders climbing gym for all the help they've given to me. Their the reason I made it to youth worlds last year and the world cup in boulder. I am also fortunate that the romper room has provided me with a great place to train. I also really like pushing my limits on hard boulder problems outside. I take regular trips to Squamish on the weekends and around school to work projects and tick off easier high quality problems. I think Squamish has to be my favorite place. I enjoy the friction of the granite as well as the scenery. The fact that it rains so often also makes the few trips I get more enjoyable.