Jelisa Dunbar

My name is Jelisa, I am an outgoing, adventurous and fun loving twenty-four year old girl often seen scaling any surface with a promising top out. I have been climbing for sixteen years and have fallen in love with the community and the sport! When I’m not climbing, I am writing my own music, having a kitchen dance party in animal print, or else studying random university courses that spark my interest.

            What I love most about climbing is the puzzle, and like a puzzle I have divided myself amongst the many roles within the climbing community. My two favorite ‘jobs’ ( if you can call them that) around the gym are route-setting and coaching. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than experiencing those special ‘breakthrough’ moments with an athlete. Route-setting is my food for thought.I love to visualize and play with movement by forcing unique sequences- usually girly ones ;). What’s even more fun is containing my zip-lipped devilish smile when people around the gym ask for my beta!

            Besides occasional chalk packing and instructing, I would define myself as a discipled athlete with big goals. I love to compete around western Canada at Tour de Blocs and other intriguing competitions. In the past year I have attended my first boulder world cups and experienced outdoor bouldering on new terrain. Self diagnosed with the travel bug and competition fever, I’m curious to discover where these passions will take me.

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