Jeremy Huckins

I am originally from Belen, New Mexico and love green chile. I have been climbing for around 7 years now. I moved out to the Bay Area when I finished grad school. I am a mechanical engineer and I make laser death stars BWahahahah. I have been in California for 4 years now and have become very integrated with the climbing community. I live in Oakland with amazing roommates and their dog Penne. California has a wonderful community, especially for the bouldering scene. It's pretty incredible to be able to spend your weekends in Bishop.

This season I would like to complete a V13, something i thought would be impossible a few years ago. I tried Buttermilker in Bishop a few weeks ago and could do all the moves but couldn't link the two halves. I would say my 'project' goal is to climb that in the next month or two. I would like to get a 14 but something about that number just seems unattainable. I'm not sure I have a life goal other then I hope to never lose the passion I have for climbing. I have climbed above v10 in the major areas in US and Canada including Hueco, Joe's Valley, Bishop, Moe's Valley, Tahoe, Castle Rock, Squamish, etc. I enjoy the beautiful scenery and magical sunsets.

I have been to ~22 countries and have climbed in about half that. I really enjoy traveling for climbing. For example, a couple years ago I went to Rocklands (SA), Squamish (CAN), Castle Hill (NZ), Flock Hill (NZ). In the States I went numerous times to Joe's Valley, Red Rocks, Tahoe, Hueco, Bishop. I love going to new places and meeting new people! The nice thing about technology nowadays is keeping in touch is super easy. I love texting, especially using emoticons ;). Since I have had the opportunity to travel and climb so much i have met tons of climbers from around the world that have become good friends. Now as I travel I always have someone to climb with even if it is halfway around the world – a true blessing. Climbing has been a magical experience in my life.

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