Krystal Chin

A girl walks into a climbing gym…

“Are you meeting anyone here?” the staff asked, “perhaps you should boulder then.”

“What’s that?”

“You just climb, here’s a chalk bag.”

And that was how it all started.

After graduating climbing preschool in Squamish, I moved to Niagara Glen and now the Bow Valley is my home. I have traveled to and climbed in Red River Gorge, Skaha, Bishop, Cyprus, Ogawayama (Japan), Fontainebleau, and of course my favourite – Hueco Tanks. Almost 5 years in the game and I feel like I’m only just starting!

Though I can only bicep curl 10 pounds and have a hard time carrying grocery bags, I can pull on some mean crimps and have won a pull-up challenge in Atlanta, GA in a random park. I’m a hydrologist by day, and a climber by night. One day I would like to climb a V10 and shake hands with Fred Nicole (ideally in the same day).

I am friendly and I climb a lot. Come say hi, and let’s share beta.

Krystal xx

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