Matt Lucas

My name is Matt Lucas and this will be the 5th year I have been training out of the Calgary Climbing Center. I prefer to stack pads and clip bolts outside but due to my current location and it's climate I'm stuck pulling on plastic for around 8 months of the year. The biggest motivating factors for training inside all winter long are bouldering and route competitions. I train with the CCC competitive team and was fortunate enough to be a member of the Canadian Youth National Team this last year. I owe any and all success I've had through climbing to my two coaches and close friends Knut Rokne and Jelisa Dunbar. They've taught me so many lessons about climbing as well as myself and without them I wouldn't be anywhere near the climber I am today. My plans for the 'near-ish' future include graduating high school this year and spending next summer\autumn out and about in Squamish and hopefully some destinations south of the border.

It would be really difficult to pin down just one reason why I climb or my favourite thing about climbing. I love training hours in a hot dust-filled gym. I love splitting my finger-tips wide open. I love living in a van for weeks. I love not showering and living on peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I love being scared stupid when I'm run out or high off the deck. I love sweating like mad in the middle of July and not being able to feel my feet while trying to get outside in February. I love spending all my savings on gas, camping fees, and Wal-mart brand food. I love the pain of breaking in new shoes. I love waking up at 6am before school for practice. I love talking and debating all aspects of climbing. I love competing and over Canada and travelling the world. I love sleeping on crash-pads, (especially Flashed pads). I love wearing myself out route-setting all day long. I love going to new destinations and revisiting old favourites. I love spending all my time with like-minded, motivated, obsessed people. I love sending projects and falling off them a million times. I love climbing.
I think that should cover it.... Happy Climbing!