With our experience with climbing gyms and manufacturing provide accurate and detailed inspection analysis for all systems. In our inspection we note in our detailed report and pictures if there needs to be immediate action, recommendations, or suggestions that your facility needs to be aware of.


The climbing walls have a number of safety checks that need to be inspected annually. We make sure the structure drawings are accurate and if there are any discrepancies we would recommend it be confirmed with an Engineer. The anchors, quick-draws, and holds are inspected to make sure there are no wear issues or safety concerns.

Equipment and Hardware

The Harnesses, Belay Devices, Rope, Holds, Carabineers, etc. are all check and Cataloged to check the any incidents or general wear over time.


The Seams, Foam, Floor Anchors, Top Cover are inspected with our Testing equipment to measure the G-Forces absorbed by the system. We provide empirical data to show the performance and durability of the facilities flooring system.


A written report will outline the inspection and what immediate actions need to take place, recommendations for items of concern, and suggestions for improvement.


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