Performance & Durability

Performance and Durability is all about the foam make up within a flooring system. There are many factors at play that work together to create the optimal balance of performance and durability. With our commitment to research & development and our custom-made testing equipment, we have found the ideal mix of layering, composition, grades and other factors that create best flooring system.

Factors affecting Performance

  • Wall Height: The height of the walls will determine the thickness of the flooring.
  • Floor Thickness: This will determine the amount of travel a climber will experience when landing on the flooring.
  • Foam Matrix: How the foam is layered will determine the stiffness or softness a climber experiences when landing.
  • Surface Tension: The cover provides a dispersion layer on the foam, having it tighter or looser will affect the travel within the foam.

Factors affecting Durability

  • Foam Density: Higher foam density will result in a longer lifespan and performance
  • % Compression: The more foam is compressed to its maximum the faster it will break down.
  • Traffic: The more traffic you have on your floor the quicker it will break down.
  • Surface Tension: Having a tighter surface will result in greater durability of the foam but also higher impact force and greater stress on the cover anchoring system.