Permanent Bouldering Flooring

The bouldering flooring of choice.

It is the Flashed philosophy that a bouldering system be uniform and consistent. There should be no changes in height or feel of the landing surface, it should be the same for the entire area. This allows the climber to know exactly what they will be landing on no matter where they are or in what orientation they are falling in.

Calgary Climbing Centre


We believe the best Cover System has minimal fabric seams. The cover fabric is laid out in panels that are attached together with Velcro wide strips, this allows for access to the foam if necessary and makes installation and repair easy. Our Cover System is custom sewn in our warehouse, a sewn system is very durable and capable of handling a lot of abuse. By sewing our Covers, it also allows us to create fall zones to show people where on the flooring a person may fall. We also have recommended guidelines for fall zones, we have researched our own fall zone formulas to make sure that at any height or wall angle that a climber will have adequate protection when falling.


  • Vinyl Fabric - is the most commonly used material for bouldering flooring. The main strength is its durability, the Vinyl we choose is 19.0 oz gauge and is Fire Rated. This material is very hygienic as spills, sweat or dirt can easily be damply mopped clean.
  • Cordura Fabric - is mainly used for outdoor bouldering mats but can be used for an indoor setting. It is a strong fabric that is comfortable to the touch and presents a warm atmosphere. This material is easy to clean, running a vacuum over it will collect dust, chalk and other particles.
  • Composite Fabric - is a combination of Carpet and Vinyl. This style of cover is ideal for a bouldering application. This fabric is extremely durable as the double layers are able to take a lot of abuse from falling climbers and heavy traffic. It is also easy to clean, run a vacuum over it to collect dust, chalk and other particles.

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We layer and choose our foam compositions based on rigorous Testing and Research & Development. We layer our foam for maximum performance and durability, making sure to use the system as a whole. The composition of the foam is chosen to meet the 3 criteria, performance, durability and price. From our research we have specific grades and compositions of foam that will be used for specific flooring heights. During the installation the foam is staggered and glued so there is no vertical seam that runs to the ground. This ensures a complete separation of climber and the ground floor.


  • Memory / PU Foam - With the addition of Memory foam to the system, it creates a highly durable and superior performance landing system. The foam absorbs the fall of a climber but does not spring back like a PU foam system does.
  • PU Foam only - Using Flashed layering formula, we construct a durable and quality performing system that absorbs the energy from a falling climber.


Our flooring system is more than just a cover and foam, we have numerous unnoticeable aspects that set us apart.

  • In the design phase, we provide AutoCAD drawings of the layout and design of the facility.
  • Under our flooring system we place a Vapour Barrier to protect against spills or water accidents so the foam does not get wet.
  • If there is no natural barrier, like a climbing wall, a perimeter will be built using superior fastening materials and custom made Flashed fasteners.
  • After the installation we perform an Accelerometer Drop Test to determine the flooring systems performance.
  • Our Cover and Foam have warranties included for workmanship and manufacturing defects.
  • Flashed and our Flooring Systems have Liability Insurance Coverage.

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