Philip Quade

philip quade


“My name is Philip Quade, I’m 29 years old. I grew up in Quadeville, Ontario, and have been living in Calgary for almost 10 years. 
   I started climbing about 5 months after my dad passed away – 5 years ago. Climbing became the one thing that could empty and calm my mind. It gave me focus, drive, and a purpose completely disconnected from the rest of my world. But, what started as an outlet and an escape, became a driving force in my life, and unlocked a new world I would have never expected.

   While I’m trying to become the most well-rounded climber I can be – Bouldering/Sport/Trad/Ice – my real passion boils down to exploration days. Alpine starts, driving and trekking hours into an area where there MIGHT be a boulder, uncovering something new, or rediscovering an old, forgotten diamond in the rough. Climbing is a means for travel, exploration, and takes me places I would never have expect to go before I began. My favourite bouldering destination is the Archangel Valley, in Hatch Pass, Alaska – The place where my affinity for bouldering really began.”