Regan Kennedy

I have been climbing for 8 years now. No one could have imagined (not even myself) that a skinny non-athletic prairie girl would be living the climbers lifestyle in her thirties but here I am. I’m pretty much hooked on climbing and my work and day to day life revolve around it. What really grabs me about climbing is the movement. I love to push myself to learn new movement and gain strength to be able to do movements on the wall / rock that I never imagined possible. I mostly climb indoors (being in Canada and all), but I find it a great way to learn and prepare for outdoor climbing. Throughout the winter you can find me in the gym or at one of the local competitions and in the summer I’m usually sport climbing in the Bow Valley. I tend to ‘vacation’ to bouldering destinations, I’ve made countless trips to boulder destinations throughout the USA, meeting a ton of awesome people in the process! This past summer I spent 6 weeks in Rock Lands South Africa which was definitely one of my favorite spots on earth!

I’m always pushing myself further, I haven’t done it alone, I have always been under the advice of a trainer. I am currently working with Morgan Alexander at Revolution Human Performance here in Calgary- he is a functional movement specialist. I call him, my chiropractor Jason Fox (Mission Chiropractic) and my current training crew at the CCC my “dream team”; it’s been an incredible progression / year in training and I’m looking forward to the pay off!!

See you at the cliff!

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