Sam Tucker

Four years ago, while completing my masters, an exchange student came to our lab from Italy and begged me to go to the climbing gym with him, my immediate response was: no way in hell! I agreed to go, and now 4 years later, my life revolves around the sport!

Born and bred in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, also know as the “flat lands”, I grew up as someone who was pulled into independent sports such as gymnastic and running. I did an undergraduate degree in Biology, and a Masters degree in molecular cell biology, and then I found climbing. It was a perfect sport for a passionate, aggressive person that likes to be challenged!

I climbed indoors and outdoors as much as I could, taking trips south to climb in the winters and west to climb in the summers. Along the way I met so many amazing individuals that have all contributed to my love for the sport. Getting out of Saskatchewan and climbing was a huge eye opener for me as I realized how much effort goes into this sport that I love. I definitely wanted to give back to the community and started to work part time at my home gym.

I spent two years plastic pulling and commuting 7 hours for outdoor climbing before I finally decided to make the move to Calgary; a beautiful city just 45 mins from my favorite sport-climbing cliff. Currently, I call Calgary home. I work at the University of Calgary doing research in a lab and I also work for one of my sponsors, Evolv, as their athlete, marketing and sponsorship coordinator for Canada. Besides work and climbing …… well there’s not much else, is there  I never dreamed that at 29 I would be climbing, pretty much full time, and tailoring my work and social life around the sport, but you know what, I absolutely love it!

Sponsors:Flashed, Evolv, Petzl, Prana, Outdoor Research