Stacey Weldon

I was a stick-figure as a child, and put into every sport my parents could find to occupy my time. Gymnastics, soccer, ballet (pretty funny to watch according to my mom), swimming, karate, badminton... You get the point.

One wonderful day at gymnastics class at the U of C, our coach took us to the dank basement where there was a little climbing wall. 2x4's with sandpaper and plywood with small cut-outs lined one wall, and on the other was limestone bricks. Oh what fun I had!! When my older brother Chris joined the Jr. Team at the Calgary Climbing Center, I of course followed suit, as did our younger siblings Vikki and Mike. Climbing has been a Weldon family affair ever since. Climbing has come a long way since that faithful day of 2x4's and sandpaper, and it has contributed so much to evolving me into the person I am today. Climbing has taken me to places most people don't even dream of, and it has led me to meet many of the most important people in my life. I love that perfection can never be attained as a climber, that there is always something to learn, and always a weakness to improve.

My greatest goal is to never forget that climbing is fun. It's easy to get wrapped up in chasing grades, or winning comps ( and don't get me wrong, I enjoy both of those) but when it gets to a point when that's all it is, then it's time for something new. One very distinct comment from a good friend has greatly contributed to my climbing. It was just as I was nearing the end of High School, and applying to universities. "Don't go to school. You just have to learn to $&@? the dog" -Walson Tai And so, on a roadtrip I went, instead of going to school. Little did he know how important that advice was not only to my climbing, but to shaping who I have become ( thanks Wals... I think).

I did eventually get an education, and am now a Registered Nurse, but it took a little longer than normal so I could take a year or two off (twice) to ... well, $&@? the dog. This past year, I have been impressed by many people. Notably Sasha DiGiulian, who is constantly pushing the limits of climbing, yet remains humble, psyched, and obviously still has fun! My parents also constantly inspire me. My mom can still run circles around me, and my dad kicked my ass by 45 min during a bike race from Vancouver to Whistler (with only one kidney... The other residing in a friend who also biked in the race). So proud!