From day one, innovation has been the Flashed mantra. This philosophy pushes each idea, design and product to perform to a higher standard. With this in mind, we have created our own testing equipment to research and develop the best climbing products possible. These custom-made devices have allowed us to go beyond subjective ideas of performance and prove with empirical data what makes a high performance landing surface.

Accelerometer Testing

An Accelerometer is a device that measures the acceleration experienced relative to free-fall. In climbing terms this device will measure the G-Forces felt by a climber when landing on a mat or flooring system. To replicate this feeling, Flashed has built an Accelerometer that uses a head-form to measure the G-Forces when it is dropped. Currently there are no requirements for flooring or mat specifications, but the standard for impact safety is to protect the head. The Car Industry and Children's Playground Industry use an Accelerometer for testing and have created an ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard for measurement. Flashed methods are based on these requirements.

The information gathered from Accelerometer testing will give a quantity to determine if a flooring system is performing up to its potential. It goes beyond how a flooring system "feels" which would normally be how to evaluate performance, durability, and safety. This evidence will allow gym owners / managers to make informed decision to replace, alter, or keep their flooring system and to perform due diligence for their membership.

Dynamic Fatigue Tester

A Dynamic Fatigue Tester (DFT) is a device that drops a weighted head-form repeatedly for a number of cycles to determine its useful lifespan. Over time foam will break down and deteriorate to the point that it is can no longer protect a fall safely. Knowing how long your mat or flooring system will last is important to make sure falling climbers are safe and when making purchase decisions.

The data obtained from the DFT, measured in G-Forces, is obtained on each drop. Once a measurement of 200g's are reached the foam has reached its end life. This maximum is based on the ASTM Standard of head injury criteria in the Automotive Industry and Children's Playground Industry. The number of cycles to reach that maximum is calculated to determine the useful life of mat or flooring system foam.

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