Vikki Weldon

I’m a rock climber. My sister is a rock climber. My brothers are rock climbers. My parents are rock climbers. That’s right, it’s a family affair. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, we all grew up climbing at the Calgary Climbing Centre and in and around the Bow Valley.

I have spent the majority of my climbing years as a gym rat, inhaling chalk and breathing in the smelly feet fumes present in any climbing gym. When I turned thirteen, I started taking competition climbing seriously, and every year I trained my heart out for the annual Youth World Cup. I’ve traveled to and competed in France, Bulgaria, Scotland, China, Austria and Ecuador. I’ve had so many proud moments and places in competitions, as well as a lot of disappointments. I learnt so much about myself and climbing through out those years.

While I was always focused on training and comps, as I grew older, the call of the rock grew stronger. I found challenging and beautiful projects in the Rocky Mountains, and I discovered the granite boulders of Squamish.

I currently live in Vancouver with my smelly older brother, Chris (the pioneer of climbing in the Weldon family), where I can easily sneak out and head to the boulders of Squamish. I’m working my way to becoming a nurse, where I plan to travel all over the world, working and playing all the way!