Now or Noodles - Hannah Reeves

Hi, I’m Hannah, the creator of Now or Noodles. I specialize in drawing weird faces with deep or meaningless phrases. Doodling has always been therapeutic for me, and using it to connect with others has made it infinitely more meaningful. The majority of my work is done from an iPad, while my chihuahua-assistant, Tina, sleeps nearby. In addition to doodling, I work full-time as a writer and have fun by brushing, thinking about, and staring at boulders.



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Aaron Stromberg

Aaron Stromberg is an artist, designer and competitive climbing coach from Albuquerque, who has a deep love for this community and the outdoors.  From a young age, Aaron backpacked across the Southwest with his father, gaining a deep appreciation of the beauty they called home.  His adventures continued as he traveled through the Americas, being influenced by the Mexican muralists Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco.  Inspiring artists who bravely critiqued governments while producing outstanding works of art.  While the size and importance of these great painters had a profound effect on Aaron, it was José Guadalupe Posada’s satirical lithographs that truly captured his attention.  The animated skeleton’s, or “calaveras,” allowed Posada to critique political and social issues in dark and humorous ways.  The influence of these artists and the calaveras can be seen throughout Aaron’s work.


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Heky Sack - Heky Lee

Climber and Artist based in Seoul.
I draw Comics and do Artwork mostly related to Climbing.






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Michelle Ang

Michelle Ang has been illustrating on a freelance basis since 2017, developing colourful illustrations for personal use, clothing, brands and more. As a passionate outdoor climber, Michelle has been illustrating climbing-based images, including a project that artistically represents the route names of many different climbs.

She’s been climbing since 2010 and has been an active part of the climbing community, including volunteering for access societies, and with Climbing Escalade Canada. She was selected as the artist for the 2021 Yosemite Facelift art competition and has designed art for many different Flashed crash pads.



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Nico Francis

Hi! I’m Nico, a designer & climber from Flagstaff, AZ where I currently work as a product designer at Kahtoola & setter at the local old-school gym. While climbing is my first love, I also spend much of my time running rivers, backpacking, & hiking (basically anything to spend time outside).

Having grown up in the Southwest (a true desert rat), my art is often inspired by the wild patterns & textures that can be found in the rocks & plants of the area’s cliffs & canyons. The art for my Flashed crash pad design was inspired by both the layers of sedimentary rocks—shaped by wind & water—that define much of the Southwest’s landscape, and the incredible dark skies & Milky Way that stretch overhead.
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Alex Deez Knots

I’m an artist living in Calgary, I rock climb and work full-time as a mobile massage therapist. Between working and climbing, I enjoy sitting down and drawing whatever comes to mind. I’ve been drawing for 6 years now, self-taught with a PHD in YouTube. I get my inspiration from random shapes/blobs or even funny squiggly lines. I’m very excited to be working with Flashed because I will get to draw more, and it’s a lot of fun.

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